Top 11 Tourist Attractions in Indonesian.

Often feel tired, bored, and messy moods lately? It could be that you need a vacation. No need to go far abroad to look for tourist attractions. Indonesia also has a myriad of tourist destinations that are beautiful and interesting to be explored, Curious about what?

Tourism place of Anambas Islands, Riau

The Anambas Islands tourism spot in Riau is the first destination that must be included in your bucket list. This tourist attraction presents a super beautiful and enchanting natural scenery.

In this tourist spot, you will be spoiled with panoramic views of white sandy beaches combined with turquoise sea water. Giant rocks scattered throughout the island also add to the attraction of this tourist attraction as the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. Very exotic, the Anambas Islands were named the Best Tropical Islands in Asia in 2013.

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Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

Have a dream holiday in the Maldives but are blocked by a savings balance? Just to Derawan Island! Attraction located in Berau, East Kalimantan, it offers natural charm that is no less amazing than the Maldives, you know.

In Derawan, you can spend your time relaxing in the beauty of the white sand beach. The best atmosphere in Indonesia that is very harmonious and calming. On site There is also a traditional floating resort. No wonder Derawan Island is dubbed as the Maldives of Indonesia.

Belitung Islands

The name Belitung has become more popular since the emergence of the novel “Laskar Pelangi” by Andrea Hirata. The island which is known as a tin producer offers a tourist paradise that is guaranteed to make you amazed.

The distinctive feature of the beach in the Belitung Islands is the giant granite stones scattered in all directions. Clear blue sea water, white sand, and coconut trees on the beach are the perfect combination to create unforgettable vacation moments.

Dieng Plateau – Tourist Attractions in the Java Highlands

Shifting to Central Java, there are interesting tourist attractions in the Dieng Plateau which have always been a favorite destination for tourists throughout the year. Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, this tourist attraction also known as Dieng Plateau is a caldera surrounded by active mountains.

The weather in the Dieng Plateau is very cold. At certain times, the temperature can reach minus. If you’re lucky, you can even see snow. There are many interesting spots that you can find here, such as Telaga Warna, Candradimuka Crater, Arjuna Temple Complex, Sikunir Hill, and others.

Karimunjawa Islands

On the north side of Central Java there is the Karimunjawa Islands Tourist Attraction which is famous for its underwater tours. This conservation area includes white sandy beaches and green and dense mangrove forests.

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Not only diving and snorkeling, in Karimunjawa you can spend time exploring the island, exploring mangrove forests, and observing rare animals such as hawksbill sea turtles and white-breasted sea eagles directly in their habitat.

Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi National Park in Southeast Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s tourist paradise that you must visit once in a lifetime. The area of ​​the world’s largest coral reef after the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) has an area of ​​1.4 million hectares, with thousands of species of flora and fauna living in it. There are many interesting tourist attractions in Indonesia, apparently.

Wakatobi National Park is one of the best diving spots in the world. No wonder he was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2005. You must be interested to come here?

Seram Island, Maluku

Eits, don’t be fooled by the label. Although named Seram, the scenery on this tourist island will only make you fascinated. The island, which is located in Maluku Province, holds many beautiful tourist destinations, such as the Manusel National Park, Lumoli Waterfall, Makariki Cliff Lake, Ora Beach, and etc.

Manusel National Park offers a panoramic view of beautiful tropical forests, complete with endemic fauna and flora of Maluku. Come here, then you will see what heaven is like on earth.

Raja Ampat, West Papua

Are there other tourist attractions in the world that can rival the beauty of this island? Raja Ampat is a tourist destination in the administrative region of West Papua which is famous as one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world!

The Raja Ampat Islands consist of four small islands, namely Misool, Batanta, Waigeo, and Salawati. Here live 530 species of super beautiful corals – about 75% of all coral species in the world. Raja Ampat’s underwater biodiversity is also well preserved. Imagine how beautiful this piece of heaven is?

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Lake Kelimutu

Talking about tourist attractions in Indonesia is incomplete if you don’t mention Lake Kelimutu. Located in East Nusa Tenggara, 54 km from Ende City, this attraction presents a panoramic view of a beautiful lake on Mount Kelimutu (1,639 masl).

Not only unique because of its location on the top of a mountain. Lake Kelimutu is also legendary because it has turquoise, blue and black. If you are in NTT, make time to stop by here, yes. Also invite loved ones, because Lake Kelimutu is too alluring to be enjoyed alone.

Lake Toba

Its name has never shifted from the list of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. Yup, Lake Toba is a natural lake formed by volcanic activity tens of thousands of years ago.

This place has been named as the largest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba has a length of 100 km, width of 30 km, and a depth of 505 meters. Not only served with an attractive natural panorama, here you can also see a variety of rituals and festivals typical of the Batak tribe.

Banyumala Waterfall, Bali

Bali is not only Kuta and Bedugul Beach, you know. In the Island of the Gods there are also many beautiful destinations that have not been explored by many tourists, one of which is Banyumala Waterfall in the District of Sukasada, Buleleng. In addition to its location far from the city center, access to Banyumala is also quite steep. That is why these tourist attractions are rarely touched by travelers.

Even so, the fatigue that you feel will be paid off by the view of the waterfall that is so cool, green, and beautiful. Banyumala Waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs covered with moss and plants. If you visit this tourist attraction, guaranteed you will feel at home for long. Here you can also visit other beautiful beach areas and hunt for souvenirs and culinary too.

Those are some of the best tourist attractions in Indonesian that you can make a holiday filler reference. Approximately, which tourist attractions will you first visit?

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