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Don’t say you’ve been to Bali, if you haven’t visited Kuta Beach in Bali.

This tourist spot has become an icon of beach tourism in Bali. Kuta Beach is not only known by domestic tourists, but also is very well known by foreign tourists.

Tourist attractions on the southern coast of the island of Bali has extraordinary beauty. The coastline is 2 km long and is curved in shape like a crescent moon. Expanse of white sand, waves typical of the south coast and a row of trees must become a landscape that you must capture with a camera.

Being an icon of Bali tourism, this beach gets special attention from the local government. Various supporting facilities are built here, ranging from restaurants, inns, bars, souvenir shops to the rental of various equipment for water sports.

Entering the Kuta Beach area, you will see many tourists passing by carrying surfboards. This tourist spot is indeed known as one of the best locations for water sports, both for beginner and professional surfers. Quite often this beach is also used as a location for national and international surfing competitions.

Towards dusk, these tourist attractions increasingly crowded by tourists. It is said that Kuta Beach earned the nickname ‘Sunset Beach’, as a rival of Sanur Beach which is called as ‘Sunrise Beach’. The view of the sunset on Kuta Beach has been recognized by many tourists who come here.

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this tourist spot, you are free of charge. It’s just that if you bring a private vehicle, you need to pay a parking fee of around 5,000 Rupiah. This price is of course very cheap for the size of the beach as beautiful as Kuta Beach.

The History of Kuta Beach

Who would have thought if the tourist attraction that was never empty of tourists before was a quiet village and away from the crowd. The beach in Kuta was originally just a trading port and a fishing boat anchored after fishing.

From the traders who came, the beauty of this beach began to sound widespread. People who originally came for the purposes of buying and selling, began to take advantage of his arrival for all the holidays and enjoy the beauty of this beach in South Bali.

Hugh Mahbett, a writer, once published a book titled Praise to Kuta. This book contains about the natural beauty in Kuta and an invitation to residents around Kuta to build all the supporting facilities on this beach. According to him, Kuta Beach will become a favorite tourist destination for many people because of its beauty.

What can you do when you are on Kuta beach?

There are many interesting activities and things you can do at Kuta Beach. Here are some things you should not miss while in this tourist spot:

Enjoy the sunset moment

The beauty of the sunset view on Kuta Beach is no doubt. Enjoying the moment of sunset while accompanied by coconut ice and roasted corn would be an interesting experience. Do not forget to prepare the camera to capture this moment, yes.

Starting from a massage to attach temporary tattoos

Sunbathing on Kuta Beach is certainly no stranger to tourists. Along the coast, you will see many who do this ‘sunbath’ either by lying on a beach lounge chair or even on a flat mat laid on the sand beach. If sunbathing is not enough, try calling a masseur who has prepared around the beach.

Besides massage, there are other interesting things for you to try, braids hair and temporary tattoos. While relaxing enjoying the beach view, you can let your hair be braided by Balinese women who sell braid hair services. While on vacation, there’s no harm in trying a different hair style, right?

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Want to know what it’s like to have a tattoo? In this tourist spot, you can tattoo your body without fear of regret later. The ink used for this tattoo is only temporary and can disappear within a few days. There are many patterns and images on offer from calligraphy of your name to pictures of animals and flowers.

Surfing time!

Don’t waste the chance at one of the best surfing locations in the world. Rent surf equipment immediately and start conquering the famous Kuta Beach waves. If you are not good at surfing, you can hire the services of a coach at the same time. Besides surfing, another extreme sport that you can try is bungy jumping. Wow, this exciting Kuta Beach.

Culinary tour

Culinary tourism is always a fun part of a vacation. Here, you can enjoy seafood specialties in a place that suits your desires. There are tons of places to eat around Kuta Beach, from expensive restaurants to food stalls at more affordable prices. The menu? Of course, seafood specialties ranging from crabs, shrimp to various processed fish. For drinking, young coconut ice is definitely very suitable to be enjoyed in the heat of this beach.

Hunting for souvenirs

Around Kuta Beach there are many souvenir shops. Various beautiful trinkets made of shells and starfish can be found here. This locally made souvenir turns out to be worldwide, you know. Many Balinese handicrafts have been exported to other continents such as Europe and America.

Transportation and accommodation

Kuta Beach is located on the southern coast of Bali, or administratively located in Badung Regency. This tourist spot is about 12 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport and can be accessed by taxi.

There are a lot of lodgings around Kuta Beach, ranging from hostels commonly used by backpackers to star hotels with the best service quality.

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