Reasons why you should switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10.

Windows 7 in last month was rumored to be no longer given support by Microsoft and from now on we could not use this one operating system for day activities, and last week I started switching to Windows 10.

The reason is my personal because many Windows 7 users who like cracking the operating system on this one and not only that the security is also starting to be lacking and easy to break into by ignorant people.

Although up to now many still use Windows 7 you guys should immediately switch to Windows 8, or 10 of them in terms of security Windows 8.10 more secure than Windows 7.

Reasons why you should switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10

Windows 7 Security Less
In terms of its own security Windows 7 is very easy in crack even many people have been ignorant of crack Windows license 7 from 30 day trial to 3 years.

Less Complete Features
If this is according to my personal feature features in Windows 7 less complete not only it looks even less good unlike Windows 10 more beautiful and elegant.

Not only that, sometimes Windows 7 is also lagging and sometimes an outdated browser makes us frustrated and starts to get annoyed with Windows 7, although the speed is not good, but for those of you who still use the Windows 7 operating system until now I have 8 Ways to Speed ​​Up Laptop 7 Windows Performance , 8 and 10.

Easy to Break
Windows 7 is often broken by hackers this is the reason why Microsoft stopped supporting operating systems on this one. Not only that many cases of Windows 7 are often the main material exploitation in hacking activities.

Easily Affected by Viruses
Last time in the group and in the Forum Windows 7 Community Many people affected by viruses even though they use anti-virus such as SMADAV, Avast etc. It did not help at all because virus virus that has been circulating in the Internet world increasingly and stronger.

Very Annoying Update Feature
Update is very important for an operating system but different from the Windows 7 operating system udpate this operating system is very numerous and always appears in the notification it is actually very bad for your computer or laptop this can affect your storage and of course storage will continue add or full.

Well that’s why you have to move from Windows 7 and start switching to Windows 8 or 10, now for those of you who are still using the Windows 7 operating system immediately switch to 8 or 10 because of the security aspect is certainly more guaranteed.

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