Windows 7 is No Longer Supported by Microsoft, Windows 10 is Vulnerable to Malware.

Users are asked by Microsoft to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Because Microsoft company is no longer support Windows 7

Microsoft Company appealed to all users to upgrade to Windows 10, The Reason is Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 for the future.
But , National Security Agency (NSA) United States (US) says that the operating system (OS) was vulnerable to contracting by viruses or malware.

CryptoAPI rated vulnerable. The component, which is decades old, enables developers to sign software digitally.
These components can be attacked by bugs, Digital signatures that are “flawed” because of a bug can be used by irresponsible cyber criminals.

Even so , Actually, Windows 7 can still be used but malware in cyberspace can attack the security that has not been updated because it no longer has a capable defence.

Windows 7 Will Stop Operating!

Through Microsoft official page, the reported no longer supports Windows 7, more precisely starting 14 January 2020.
So with that Microsoft will no longer release security updates and pacth for bugs that might appear.

The impact we need to know

With the end of Windows 7, Microsoft reminds all users to upgrade to Windwos 10. Given the large amount of malware circulating in cyberspace, it can attack software that is no longer getting updates.

However, there are rumors circulating that Windows 10 is actually vulnerable to malware. Responding to the matter Microsoft is reluctant to respond, because it doesn’t have authentic evidence.

Microsoft urged the users to upgrade the OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 2015 which was priced at US $139 for the price to be downloaded.

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