The Latest WhatsApp can be Easily Hacked by Hackers, Threats to Personal Data.

In the latest version of WhatsApp there are bugs and security gaps which allows hackers to access someone’s personal data.

The WhatsApp application are making updates lately, In the latest version of WhatsApp application there are bugs and security gap that allow cybercriminals or commonly called hackers can access the personal data of users of such instant conversation apps.

Quoted from The Sun, Friday 7 February 2020. Bugs allow hackers to perform a series of clever maneuvers to read files on a personal PC or MAC. Bugs also affect iPhone users who connect their handsets to a computer using WhatsApp Desktop.

Facebook’s popular application can be used by users to chat with friends, family or colleagues on a PC or Mac linked to their phone. The inventor of this bug named Weizman, he said the bug can use JavaScript to access private files on anyone’s computer, such as documents, photos, videos and other sensitive files.

The attack is like faking dangerous links which looks like a original and secure website on WhatsApp. But, If the user clicks on any of the links there is a possibility that hackers can access files from the computer.

Facebook laudes WhatsApp as a popular and very secure messaging application, This we can know in Playstore WhatsApp app is already 5million times downloaded by users around the world.

In a statement WhatsApp spokesman said, “We regularly work with leading security researchers to stay ahead of potential threats to our users.”

To avoid such threats, WhatsApp has already made a bug fix last December, it is important for all users of the popular message sender application to update to the latest version of WhatsApp.

Telegram Say WhatsApp Very Dangerous.

Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov saying that the WhatsApp application is dangerous, very easily hacked by hackers.

The words came out of Pavel’s mouth following the hacking of the world’s richest mobile phone Jeff Bezos, via video files sent via WhatsApp.

Pavel once write an article on his personal blog titled “Why Using WhatsApp Is Dangerous “. He argues that personal data is important on Bezos ‘ iPhone X phones because the WhatsApp app has a lot of bugs or security gaps. But, Facebook as the owner of the WhatsApp application accuses data leakage caused by operating system weaknesses on iOS.

“Security flaws in the WhatsApp app are not only on iOS devices, But also Android and Windows Phone devices, That is, All mobile devices installed by WhatsApp. If Jeff Bezos is using Telegram more than Whatsapp, He will not be squeezed by the person who tracks his communication. This issue is not a specific iOS but WhatsApp-specific.” write the founder of Telegram in his personal blog.

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